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Why Highpointing Across America

The idea was appealing for multiple reasons.

Although my career in international family planning/public health had taken me to over 80 countries around the world, I had traveled relatively little in the United States. Hiking would contribute to my lifelong effort of trying to stay fit.


This project would allow me to reach out and reconnect with people in my past who were now scattered across the United States. And there was also just a bit of “equal time” to my husband Bill’s regular excursions to far-flung places.

Despite my ingrained tendency to plan and organize, I began this undertaking with no masterplan.


I had no idea of how long it would take, whom I could recruit to go with me, how much it would cost, how long I would continue to enjoy good health, and how I would hold up on the truly challenging mountains.

I got off to a lackluster start, opportunistically looking for chances to add a highpoint here and there, often in connection with other travel to a “new” state. Five years into this pursuit and by then age 65, I had only checked off 11 states, almost all of them “easy.”


As I neared the midpoint of my quest, I realized that I’d done this backwards – starting with the easy ones, leaving the hardest for last.

Only then did the slow race against time begin.

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